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On top of being a sanctuary, for most people, their home is most often the biggest investment of their life AND their single most valuable asset. My main tenet of business is helping every client find financial success in real estate. Whether its selling an entire portfolio of investment property or buying your dream home, the goal is to create the most profitable scenario possible. With good decisions, your real estate should become your greatest source of long-term wealth. After a 15-year career in college athletics, I chose to commit my profession and my future to these principles. I'm actively looking to buy and sell Indiana real estate every day. For my clients, my continued investment in real estate reinforces the fact that I care primarily about how YOU profit from the endeavor, not myself. I pride myself on being a person of integrity and loyalty, someone people trust - especially with regard to their homes. Hence, Nino Is My Homeboy! 

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The Glenn Bill Group

“We are the team you can trust to give you the level of service, expertise, and value that has been provided to all of our loyal clients for the past 27 years.” Under our ownership is BroadRippleHomes.com, The University of Attitude, and a monster marketing program with over 20,000 followers. In the spirit of our Century 21 philosophy, we build our network by giving to our community first.

Century 21 Scheetz

From the inception of CENTURY 21 Scheetz Mick has surrounded himself with the best of the best Sales Professionals and a very talented staff. President, Tracy Hutton and Mick operate the company with a corporate mind set, yet with a family friendly focus. They embrace change, are never satisfied with the status quo but diligently seek to continually improve, are customer centric, and have built the company on a strong foundation of giving back to the community in which they serve. 

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Monogram Housing

Owner and creator of the best vacation rental service in South Bend, Indiana, we specialize in the Notre Dame campus community. Fully furnished homes, all walkable to Notre Dame, available 365 days a year! Check us out at www.monogramhousing.com

Indiana Real Estate Investment

As an experienced and active real estate investor himself, Nino shares expert guidance on building wealth in real estate through investment property. Berticelli Housing Company oversees purchases and full-scale renovations of beautiful Indianapolis properties. If you wish to buy or sell investment property, or if you know someone who needs to sell a property that needs lots of love, Nino is your Homeboy!

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"Any time is real estate time!" Day or night, week day or weekend, Nino is exceptionally accessible. The incredible social reach and support system of The Glenn Bill Group, and the resources behind us at Century 21 Scheetz, combine to ensure unparalleled marketing, aggressive and experienced brokerage, and a sense of security that your business is being handled the right way.

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